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Convert Your plain emails
into perfectly presented
marketing messages

From Any Device

Whether an email is sent from a desktop, tablet or smartphone – your MailSign signature will look the same, and it will look great on any device used to view your email.

Signature Marketing

Every email sent by your organisation is a mini-marketing opportunity. It can be harnessed to drive traffic to an offer, blog post, landing page, etc.

Insight & Tracking

Now you’ll know who’s opening your emails, when they open them and what links they’re clicking.

Brand Consistency

Don't let your employees damage your Brand, ensure consistent email branding from all your employees

Works With All Of These Email Services

Instant integration on G Suite (Google Apps) and Office 365

Compatible with all major email platforms


How It Works

  • Send

    You send your email as normal, nothing extra to learn.

  • Brand

    Our Servers add your unique branding

  • Sent

    Your beautifully branded email is delivered to the recipient

So Much more than just an email signature

MailSign is an email signature branding, management and analytics service for company email. It works by applying consistent branding and marketing promotions to your emails and then renders to all devices (including smartphones and tablets) and email programs.

Unlocking an owned media channel with Signature Marketing 
Make the most of the largest communication channel you own. Target marketing to generate quality leads and increase sales.

Controlled branding 
You can now create email signature templates and apply them on all employee email. Manage and update at the click of a button - great for signature compliance and consistent branding.

Full analytics on email - impressions, opens, click through rates, ROI. Log into your dashboard to see email analytics.

Realise the power of your email branding, targeted marketing with every email

Standardised Email Signatures On Any Device For Any User 

There’s no reason for your email signature to vary based on the technology used to send the message. And Using MailSign allows your signature to live in the cloud and is independent of the device, so it remains consistent every time. MailSign signatures are developed to look great however or wherever the recipient reads your message.

Ensure Brand Consistency Across Your Organisation

Showcase Your Brand

Create powerful email signatures that showcase your services, logo, banners, promotions, and even your social media channels. Every time a  recipient clicks, these interactions are fully measurable, so you can determine the banners and designs that ae most effective for your business.

Professional Design Service

We have a professional design team available who for FREE can bring your signature to life .
Get in touch and we’ll help you build that signature your company deserves!


Working with these fine Organisations


Quick Look Features at a glance


Every user can have a unique signature

Full Social Media


Create Stunning Branded Headers

& Footers

Works On Any recipients Device, send from any device

Time to go Pro! Free 14 day Trial With No Commitment

Simple Pricing for a powerful Email Signature Branding Solution

1 - 20 Users

£7.99 / Month Per User

  • Company wide Consistency
  • Profesional signatures
  • Social Media Integration
  • Email & GDPR Disclaimers
  • Free Design Service
  • UK Support
  • 24 Hour Setup
  • Fully Managed For You

21+ Users

£5.99 / Month Per User

  • Company wide Consistency
  • Profesional signatures
  • Social Media Integration
  • Email & GDPR Disclaimers
  • Free Design Service
  • UK Support
  • 24 Hour Setup
  • Fully Managed For You

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